My pony

Editorial illustration for Mahala, South Africa

Ayahuasca, drinking the spirit

Illustration for Mahala, South Africa

White Madness

Editorial illustration of a bagpiper

It’s about eight in the evening now, and this guy is standing in the middle of a parking lot, his convertible idling, playing the bagpipes in a wifebeater. And we don’t have anything to say to that…

Editorial ink illustration

So I’m waiting, watching the floor between my feet. I’m cold. My legs ache. I don’t want to be here. The office door opens and the nursing sister looks at me. “Be with you in a minute,” she says. I relax. I’ve been seen. I will be seen.

Editorial illustration

Black market. Blackmail. Blacklisted. The black sheep of the family. Black curse. Black name. Black prince. Black comedy. The bright angel Lucifer transgresses and is thrown out of heaven to become the dark lord of night. Mussolini’s Fascist militia were the Black Shirts.

Editorial illustration for Mahala South Africa

You love Woolworths because Woolworths is almost as narcissistic as you are. You are made for each other. As the excellent blog, The Last Psychiatrist, puts it, “Narcissism is about the need to self-identify and to broadcast that identity to others…

Editorial illustration for Mahala

Chilling out at Muizenberg Beach

Editorial illustration for South African Mahala

Illustration of gangster in South Africa

Ink illustration step by step

Editorial illustration Mahala

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Mahala, South Africa