Sufi Shah Nimatullah

Shah Nematollah Vali

Illustration of Sufism Master

I started this illustration after I visited a sufi shrine in the Kerman province of Iran.I completed this drawing upon my arrival in Berlin. The details in the fabric simply took far too long. It was a therapeutic experience drawing the patterns. I used a 0.1 and 0.05 Staedtler pigment liner for the details while using a Pentel brush pen for the outlines.

Sufism Iran illustration

Nematollah Vali Shrine in Mahan, Kerman, Iran

Shah Nematollah Vali

Shah Nematollah Vali

St. Thaddeus Monastery

#ink #sketch of the "black" #church

This ink illustration of one of the oldest standing monasteries in the world, is located in Iran‘s Western Azerbaijan Province. This monastery is also known as the Black Church. Early parts of the church were built using black and white stones, hence its name “The Black Church”. 

The illustration was initially sketches out with pencils and the outlined with a Pentel ink brush. Finer details were added using Staedtler pigment liners as well as a quill with indian ink. Finally I added ink washes to add some more depths as well as the texture in the background.

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