Erwachsen – Grown up

This is part of en editorial illustration for a swiss newspaper on the topic of growing up and becoming an adult. It deals with the challenges and the rejection to accept the fact that we aren’t teenagers anymore. The illustrated laces at the bottom runs across all pages and acts as the ‘red thread’ which runs through the story.
#illustrations for a #newspaper article on "growing up". Suddenly 30 and what now? #ink #drawing

Planet Mars illustration

This was supposed to be an editorial  illustration for an article about the UAE sending their first satellite to planet Mars but I ended up going a bit over board. I recently got some junk mail about dental care insurance which showed a large grin on the cover with pearl white shining teeth. So I took it from there. Ended up with a Rolling Stone tongue and mouth illustration from Mars…

First I drew #Mars but I got bored half way through, then I remembered some dental insurance junk mail in my mailbox (a real mail box made out of metal) and I took it from there #ink #illustration #mars #sketch

St. Thaddeus Monastery

#ink #sketch of the "black" #church

This ink illustration of one of the oldest standing monasteries in the world, is located in Iran‘s Western Azerbaijan Province. This monastery is also known as the Black Church. Early parts of the church were built using black and white stones, hence its name “The Black Church”. 

The illustration was initially sketches out with pencils and the outlined with a Pentel ink brush. Finer details were added using Staedtler pigment liners as well as a quill with indian ink. Finally I added ink washes to add some more depths as well as the texture in the background.

Death is the bitter truth

More lines, more wash... #ink #illustration #skulls #life #death #childhood

Life is a sweet lie and death is the bitter truth.

This sketch was done real quickly. I experimented with ink washes, laying down various layers starting from light to dark. When I create an illustration, I find that the most difficult part is when to stop! Often my drawings are overly detailed. In the future I will try to establish more controlled brush strokes and lines.

Wheelchair Berlin

Walking down from Alexander Platz U-Bahn station to Hackescher Markt this morning I spotted a girl in a wheelchair racing past Alexander Platz this morning. Her sporty outfit and dedication was truly admirable. Considering the amount of people who neglect exercise as part of their daily routine due to sore knees or lack of time etc. should have take inspiration from this young girl. Despite her injuries she finds the energy and motivation to commit to an exercise routine. A healthy mind can only exist in a healthy body, so they say. Respect!

girl in a wheelchair

Wheelchair racer at Alexander Platz, Berlin

Illustration Friday: Paper

The power of words written on paper are often underestimated. Its good to read and absorb information but at the same time one should filter out useful from destructive information. The media has a lot of power by manipulating us when we read or hear their news. Building your own opinion based on what you read means that you are speaking through someone else’s mind. Gather as much information as possible and then make up your own mind based on your experiences and believes. Your mind is a sponge, but it should only absorb pure water.

Illustration Friday's submission for the word Paper

Illustration Friday Paper

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