I threw my TV set out the window, so I could finally listen to the silence once again. The constant bombardment of racism, biased reporting and general negativity was unbearable. On one hand we need to be informed, on the other, do we really need to consume all the misery, suffering and pain which happens around the world.

An Eckhart Tolle quote comes to mind when he said that your job is not to save the world, but instead bring peace through a peaceful character and awareness whenever a conflict arises in your close environment. I can’t remember the exact words but I believe I captured the essence of his quote.

I threw my TV out the window, so I could listen to the silence... #media #brainwash #illustration

Education is a weapon

terrorism illustration

Defeating terrorism through education

A former British Prime Minister said during a conference that in order to fight racism and terrorism, we need to teach diversity and difference, tolerance and respect, in the same way that the humanities, sciences and languages are taught. Education is a powerful weapon.

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