Customized Snowboard for Snow Addicts

Here is our design entry for Snow Addicts.  We called it “Avalanche”. It shows a true snowboard addict’s dedication and passion for his sport and realization that death and life are only inches away. As a true snow addict you don’t mind the occasional snow up your nose. Its all part of the game. #snowboard #graphics #SAdesigncontest

Illustrated snowboard graphics for Snow Addicts

Snowboard design for Snow Addicts

pencil sketch of skull

Sketching out some ideas before inking the original graphic

Before I begun working on the final design I started sketching out my ideas on paper. Here I felt it was important to work on the values and decide where the shadows and highlights are placed. I also sketched out some rough shapes of the snowboard on which I could place the characters.



Media brain wash

Stand guard at the gate of your mind #news #media #manipulation #brainwashed #ink #illustration

Anthony Robbins teaches us: “Stand guard at the gate of your mind”. We must always examine and critical analyse everything the media serves us. Big media organizations always support a political and specific marketing agenda. Consume, analyse and use your brain to form your own opinion

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