Theatre of Mind

I produced this illustration originally for a magazine feature about mind power, subconsciousness and day dreaming. We are what we think and the mind has the wonderful ability to trick us into believing things. Anthony Robbins said: “Stand guard at the gate of your mind.”

ink illustration about mind power

Mind power

Editorial illustration for Adress Magazine Dubai

Illustration placed on the magazine page

Editorial illustration about abortion

I was asked to create an illustration for an editorial feature story about abortion in Africa. It deals with the social pressure in connection with cultural principles and the emptiness as well as lack of support.

I focused on the “emptiness” which most women experience after an abortion. I sketched out various version with pencil before I began to ink two version which I think had potential. I drew the original drawings directly in my A3 Moleskin sketchbook which I regret cause I had to tear them out in order to scan them properly. In my opinion a sketchbook is a sketchbook and I think it shouldn’t contain any finished pieces.

Editorial illustration about abortion

The two ink illustrations which were presented to the editorial and design team

The illustration on the left was chosen by the team and I worked on the illustration digitally, preparing it for the layout. I decided to involve the layout and columns of the page to enhance the meaning of the illustration. I removed parts of the copy by creating a circular tex-wrap around the woman’s belly where the missing part is.

Editorial illustration about abortion

Finished illustration placed inside the newspaper layout

I always think an illustration works best when it becomes part of the page layout rather than being a box slapped beside the columns. This way the illustration becomes part of the story, becomes part of the page.

I eventually got my hands on a copy of the newspaper delivered back to Berlin all the way from Kenya. Interesting to see how my illustration looks in the newspapers in Africa as the printing quality seems to differ quite a lot. Still happy with the outcome.

Kenya, illustration, abortion, newspaper

Illustration in the Standard newspaper in Kenya, Nairobi

Wheelchair Berlin

Walking down from Alexander Platz U-Bahn station to Hackescher Markt this morning I spotted a girl in a wheelchair racing past Alexander Platz this morning. Her sporty outfit and dedication was truly admirable. Considering the amount of people who neglect exercise as part of their daily routine due to sore knees or lack of time etc. should have take inspiration from this young girl. Despite her injuries she finds the energy and motivation to commit to an exercise routine. A healthy mind can only exist in a healthy body, so they say. Respect!

girl in a wheelchair

Wheelchair racer at Alexander Platz, Berlin

Illustration Friday: Paper

The power of words written on paper are often underestimated. Its good to read and absorb information but at the same time one should filter out useful from destructive information. The media has a lot of power by manipulating us when we read or hear their news. Building your own opinion based on what you read means that you are speaking through someone else’s mind. Gather as much information as possible and then make up your own mind based on your experiences and believes. Your mind is a sponge, but it should only absorb pure water.

Illustration Friday's submission for the word Paper

Illustration Friday Paper

Customized Snowboard for Snow Addicts

Here is our design entry for Snow Addicts.  We called it “Avalanche”. It shows a true snowboard addict’s dedication and passion for his sport and realization that death and life are only inches away. As a true snow addict you don’t mind the occasional snow up your nose. Its all part of the game. #snowboard #graphics #SAdesigncontest

Illustrated snowboard graphics for Snow Addicts

Snowboard design for Snow Addicts

pencil sketch of skull

Sketching out some ideas before inking the original graphic

Before I begun working on the final design I started sketching out my ideas on paper. Here I felt it was important to work on the values and decide where the shadows and highlights are placed. I also sketched out some rough shapes of the snowboard on which I could place the characters.



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